7 quotes that you should remember!

cosmos(edited)Our life is not a bed of roses but it is also not a bed of thorns. Where there is sadness and hardship,  there must be happiness and success. Thus we mustn’t lose our hope in the worst of our times.  The quotes below will help you in your hardship.

1. Obstacles are those things we see when we take our eyes off our goal.        – Henry Ford.

2. With great power comes great responsibility.       –  Spiderman.

3. Dream aren’t those you see when you are asleep, but dreams are those which don’t let you sleep.       – A.P.G Abdul Kalam.

4. He who opens a school door closes a prison.        – Unknown.

5. Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.       – Unknown.

6. I slept and dreamt that life was beauty, I woke and found that life was duty.       – Unknown.

7. It is always the wrong person who teaches you the right thing in life.       – Unknown.

Here,  unknown means I don’t know. I forgot the names.


A Mathematical story.


This is a story from the book “The Man Who Counted”

We had been traveling for a few hours without stopping when there occurred an episode worth retelling, wherein my companion Beremiz put to use his talents as an esteemed cultivator of algebra.
Close to an old half abandoned inn, we saw three men arguing heatedly beside herd of camel. Amid the shouts and insults the men gestured wildly in fierce debate and we could hear their angry cries:
“It cannot be!”
“That is robbery!”
“But I do not agree!”
The intelligent Beremiz asked them why they were quarreling.
“We are brothers,” the oldest explained, “And we received thirty-five camels as our inheritance. According to the express wishes of my father half of them belong to me, one- third to my brother Hamed, and one-ninth to Harim, the youngest. Nevertheless we do not know how to make the division, and whatever one of us suggests the other two disputes. Of the solutions tried so far, none have been acceptable. If half of 35 is 17.5 if neither one-third nor one-ninth of this amount is a precise-number, then how can we make the division?”
“Very simple,” said the Mar, Who Counted. “I promise to make the division fairly, but let me add to the inheritance of 35 camels this splendid beast that brought us here at such an opportune moment.”
At this point I intervened.
“But I cannot permit such madness. How are we going to continue on our journey if we are left without a camel?”
“Do not worry, my Baghdad friend,” Beremiz, said in a whisper. “I know exactly what I am doing. Give me your camel, and you will see what results.”
And such was the tone of confidence in his voice that, without the slightest hesitation, I gave over my beautiful Jamal, which was then added to the number that had to be divided between the three brothers.
“My friends,” he said, “I am going to make a fair and accurate division of the camels as you can see, now number 36.”
Turning to the eldest of the brothers, he spoke thus: “You would have half of 35—that is 17.5. Now you will receive half of 36—that is 18. You have nothing to complain about because you gain by this division.”
Turning to the second heir, he continued, “And you, Hamed, you would have received one-third of 35—that is, 11 and some. Now you will receive one-third of 36 that is 12. You cannot protest as you too gain by this division.
Finally he spoke to the youngest, “And you young Harim Namir, according to your father’s last wishes you were to receive one-ninth of 35 or three camels and part of another. Nevertheless, I will give you one-ninth of 36, or 4. You have benefited substantially and should be grateful to me for it.”
And he concluded with the greatest confidence, “By this advantageous division, which has benefited everyone, 18 camels belong to the oldest, 12 to the next, and 4 to the youngest, which comes out to—18 + 12 + 4 = 34 camels. Of the 36 camels, therefore, there are 2 extra. One, as you know, belongs to my friend from Baghdad. The other rightly belongs to me for having resolved the complicated problem of the inheritance to everyone’s satisfaction.”
“Stranger, you are a most intelligent man,” exclaimed the oldest of the three brothers, “and we accept your solution with the confidence that it was achieved with justice and equity.”
The clever Beremiz the Man Who Counted, took possession of one of the finest animals in the herd and, handing me the reins of my own animal, said, “Now, dear friend, you can continue the journey on your camel, comfortable and content. I have one of my own to carry me.
And we traveled on towards Baghdad.

But I think,  the intelligent Bezemir has cheated them. Because, the total camel that would be divided without Bezemir’s idea is 17.5 +11.66+3.66=33.05 approximately.  Bezemir stole the rest. But the real culprit is the father of three sons.

Mr. Feynman : The Scientist with a sense of humor.

If you are a science enthusiast, u must have read the book “Surely you are joking Mr.  Feynman”.  If not, please read the following part of the book.

Latin or Italian?
There was an Italian radio station in Brooklyn, and as a boy I used to listen to it all the time. I LOVed the ROLLing SOUNds going over me, as if I was in the ocean, and the waves weren’t very high. I used to sit there and have the water come over me, in this BEAUtiful iTALian. In the Italian programs there was always some kind of family situation where there were discussions and arguments between the mother and father: High voice: “Nio teco TIEto capeto TUtto . . .” Loud, low voice: “DRO tone pala TUtto!!” (with hand slapping). It was great! So I learned to make all these emotions: I could cry; I could laugh; all this stuff. Italian is a lovely language.

There were a number of Italian people living near us in New York. Once while I was riding my bicycle, some Italian truck driver got upset at me, leaned out of his truck, and, gesturing, yelled something like, “Me aRRUcha LAMpe etta Tiche!” I felt like a crapper. What did he say to me? What should I yell back? So I asked an Italian friend of mine at school, and he said, “Just say, ‘A te! A te!’–which means ‘The same to you! The same to you!” I thought it was a great idea. I would say ‘A te! A te!” back–gesturing, of course. Then, as I gained confidence, I developed my abilities further. I would be riding my bicycle, and some lady would be driving in her car and get in the way, and I’d say, “PUzzia a la maLOche!”–and she’d shrink! Some terrible Italian boy had cursed a terrible curse at her! It was not so easy to recognize it as fake Italian.

Once, when I was at Princeton, as I was going into the parking lot at Palmer Laboratory on my bicycle, somebody got in the way. My habit was always the same: I gesture to the guy, “oREzze caB ONca MIche!”, slapping the back of one hand against the other. And way up on the other side of a long area of grass, there’s an Italian gardener putting in some plants. He stops, waves, and shouts happily, “REzza ma LIa!” I call back, “RONte BALta!”, returning the greeting. He didn’t know I didn’t know, and I didn’t know what he said, and he didn’t know what I said. But it was OK! It was great! It works! After all, when they hear the intonation, they recognize it immediately as Italian–maybe it’s Milano instead of Romano, what the hell. But he’s an iTALian! So it’s just great. But you have to have absolute confidence. Keep right on going, and nothing will happen.

One time I came home from college for a vacation, and my sister was sort of unhappy, almost crying: her Girl Scouts were having a fatherdaughter banquet, but our father was out on the road, selling uniforms. So I said I would take her, being the brother (I’m nine years older, so it wasn’t so crazy). When we got there, I sat among the fathers for a while, but soon became sick of them. All these fathers bring their daughters to this nice little banquet, and all they talked about was the stock market–they don’t know how to talk to their own children, much less their children’s friends. During the banquet the girls entertained us by doing little skits, reciting poetry, and so on. Then all of a sudden they bring out this funny-looking apron like thing, with a hole at the top to put your head through. The girls announce that the fathers are now going to entertain them. So each father has to get up and stick his head through and say something–one guy recites “Mary Had a Little Lamb”–and they don’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do either, but by the time I got up there, I told them that I was going to recite a little poem, and I’m sorry that it’s not in English, but I’m sure they will appreciate it anyway: A TUZZO LANTO Poici di Pare TANto SAca TULna TI, na PUta TUchi PUti TI la. RUNto CAta CHANto CHANta MANto CHI la TI da. YALta CAra SULda MI la CHAta Picha Pino Tito BRALda pe te CHIna nana CHUNda lala CHINda lala CHUNda! RONto piti CA le, a TANto CHINto quinta LALda ola TiNta dalla LALta, YENta PUcha lalla TALta! I do this for three or four stanzas, going through all the emotions that I heard on Italian radio, and the kids are unraveled, rolling in the aisles, laughing with happiness. After the banquet was over, the scoutmaster and a schoolteacher came over and told me they had been discussing my poem. One of them thought it was Italian, and the other thought it was Latin. The schoolteacher asks, “Which one of us is right?”

This is a book which all should read from a teen to an old.  I just read the whole book.  Now I am going to buy the second part. I didn’t believe that Scientists also had a good sense of humor. Really, this is a great example of a scientist who has done it right.

Homni: The new superorganism taking over Earth

A very interesting post indeed. You will enjoy it very much. It is bit long but still your reading will not go vain.

Wandering Gaia

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Earth Goddess Gaia had nine titan sons, who attempted to control not just the Earth, but the entire Universe. I’d like to introduce another. It’s a new creature who emerged only in recent decades. But it’s a creature who is already as influential over life on the planet as the phytoplankton or forests that regulate global temperature, the weather and the air we breathe.

That new creature is us, or more precisely, what humanity is becoming. The entirety of our species, Homo sapiens, is evolving into a superorganism; I’ll call this new life force Homo omnis, or ‘Homni’.

We have now become the dominant force shaping our planet. Some say that because of our actions we have entered a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene, or the age of man. Homni is a product of this age, a product of human industrialisation, population…

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Li-fi | The new Technology


Li-fi like WiFi is a Internet network which works through Led lights. The main  procedure is to transfer data through the on/off of a light bulb.  This procedure will not disturb the humans because the switching will be too fast to notice. The data is first transferred to binaries and then the led bulb will transfer the data with the help of light. The main flow is same as the WiFi network because the WiFi uses radio rays to transfer data and LiFi uses lights to transfer data. Though LiFi is much faster than WiFi.

Pros of LiFi:
  1. LiFi is faster than WiFi by 100 times( Yes 100 times)
  2. LiFi is more secure than WiFi making it harder to be hacked by Hackers.
  3. LiFi is easier to be set up and it will be cheaper in future. The main device is just a Led bulb with a chip at its base.

Cons of LiFi:
  1. Though LiFi is faster than WiFi it’s range is short
  2. The LiFi system is not currently as much consistent as WiFi.
  3. The LiFi network speed decreases when the light is reflected from a unsmooth wall.  Though it’s speed will be better than WiFi

Where can it be used?
The LiFi network can be used in closed networks like aeroplanes, offices, Nuclear power plants, Defense systems etc. In homes LiFi can be connected to WiFi to use LiFi as a hi speed router. The WiFi can transmit over long distance but LiFi over short distance. This makes a wonderful combination. 

Overall,  the total process is same as WiFi.  I hope,  one day we will see every home with a LiFi and the total speed of data transmission will increase.  This system is very much necessary because a statistics says that the total data transmission in 2019 will become 10 times more than present.

Tea Vs Cofee

Tea and coffee both are the part of our daily lives not because we like to take them,  because their deliciousness and our intense addiction towards them insists us to be attracted towards them.  I have heard many say that they are facing headache because they didn’t take their daily tea or coffee.  But is this true? Should I take tea or coffee? Which one is less addictive? Let’s find out.

1. Do we face headaches when we don’t take our daily tea or coffee?
Ans: In brief,  some of us face headaches when we don’t take our regular tea or coffee. The main reason why we have headaches is the…..